Read it, speak it, write it, sing it, play it on the piano: express it, communicate it.

At an early age there were pen pals. Teen years featured creative writing and poorly written poetry. Tall stacks of journaled notebooks were fueled by an active imagination. The pen, a typewriter, the computer: all useful.

From Southern California, she moved to Nebraska to care for an ailing mother-in-law. Emails, sent over years to friends, turned into “Letters from Nebraska: A Day Full of Cows.”

Eventually, she moved to Ecuador. Editor Jane Lael and Jane Brunette (flamingseed.org) hosted writing groups. They used “writing from the soul” – timed writings to a prompt. Months passed. One day, the prompt “bitten by the madness” was presented, and a whole world downloaded. It became the short story “Thought-Spoke Diary”. She wrote like one possessed for almost a year and produced most of her book “Kickin’ Back with Cozy Short Stories.”

She blogged for her sanity and to keep connected with friends. The first blogsite was shut down; the second website was wiped out. Here. Then, gone.

For someone who can’t make the same meal twice, the thought of recreating a deleted website was overwhelming. Hopeless.

So, she let it go and began again.

Because – not writing is not an option.

She lives in Vilcabamba, Ecuador with her husband, Bruce.